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"Paua Fritters have crafted an impressive collection of contemporary music - pop, rock, folk and even some cool dance grooves. The Fritters' vocals are also a treat with harmonies galore" (Musician Magazine).

Currently available at:
The Warehouse, Marbecks, Real Groovy and Finns Music Room (Tauranga)

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To buy the CD Contact the band
NZ$20 plus postage

Paua to the People

"The album comes wrapped in a big production and is full of smart vocal harmonies and deliciously addictive songs"

Miles and Miles - Delightfully lazy opener reminiscent of Anglo-Folksy Cowboy Junkies
Her Story - Disconcertingly delivered over a shimmer of Pacifika guitars
Pretty Little Moon - Chipper harmony pop
Smiley - Chiming
Pieces of Me - Memorable slow ballad
Photograph - Real pretty

(NZ Herald)

The single "Her Story" was nominated for the 1998 APRA Silver Scroll Awards.

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"Auckland's diverse eclectic, busking five piece release a dense, acoustic guitar/violin wash on Harbour"

"Harbour is pretty cool, a nice simple ballad accompanied by a weeping violin melody"

"The mood is spoiled by Hit and Run, a 'giddyup' style number that needs a bullet between the eyes" (yee-ha that is our all time favourite)

"Is This the Life goes some way towards redemption"

(Rip It Up)