The Paua Fritters are a kiwi band from Auckland.

Whats new...

          An album of strong melodic pop songs, great vocal arrangements and good song writing.

Download two free songs (MP3) from "Cruiseville".


Check out the upcoming GIGS by the Paua Fritters

So far...

The debut album "Paua to the People" was released in Sept 1998. The single from the album "Her Story" was nominated for the 1998 APRA Silver Scroll Awards.
"Pretty Little Moon" appears on the Womad 99 Festival Compilation album.
The second album "Cruiseville" released July 2002

Live we have played at the Womad festivals, Sweetwaters, bars, cafes, schools, private functions, cruise boats (ok the Kestrel Ferry), pet shows, the lounge.


Paua Fritters Recipe
Paua Fritters - the Full Story


Paua Fritters 2003